Here is a sample of some of the office break room products we provide in addition to those listed on our snack, beverage & healthy product pages.


Creamer Canister

Coffeemate or Coffeemate Lite

Coffeemate- Hazelnut, French Vanilla Powder Creamer

Land O’Lakes Mini-Moo’s

CoffeeMate Liq Creamers:  Regular, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Mocha

Coffeemate Liquid Creamers:  Fr. Van, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Amaretto

International Delights ½&½Creamer

International Delights ½&½Creamer


Hot Drink Options

Celestial Seasonings 

Bigelow Tea


Hot Chocolate

Stir Sticks

5 ½’ Wood Stir Sticks

5” Stir Sticks

7” Stir Sticks

Wrapped Straws- 10“


Sugar Canisters

Diamond Crystals Sugar Packets

Sweet N Low Packets

Equal Packets

Splenda Sweetner

Truvia (Green Packets)

Kitechen Supplies

Styrofoam Cups- 8 oz  

Styrofoam Cups- 12 oz Case

Styrofoam Cups- 16 oz  Case

Styrofoam Lids  12 oz  Case

Napkins / Paper Towels

6 7/8" Dixie Laminated Paper Plates

8 1/2" Dixie Laminated Paper Plates

20 oz Dixie Laminated Paper Bowls

Other Paper and Cleaning Products Available